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Replacement Fixtures In Hard-to-Find and Discontinued Colors.

Colored fixtures are sold “AS-IS”. Most show signs of normal wear and use. Please keep in mind that color reproduction can vary greatly on different computer monitors, the images here  may only approximate the actual fixture color. A detailed description of any item is available upon request.


1950’s Standard/Crane Sky Blue Suite
The only date I could find was on the toilet, it’s dated 1955.  It’s tough to find complete colored bath ensuites these days, and ones with the smaller “Cinderella” tub are very tough to come by.  Yes, this alcove cast-iron tub is only 4’ wide.  It is 50” front to back, and is a left hand drain.  Unfortunately, it had a enclosure mounted on it at one time, so two holes were drilled in the top front of the tub.  They have been repaired and color matched, but if you look carefully, you can see the repair.  The bottom of the tub does have many fine scratches from years of use, but it’s blue!  The sink is a tile in, 18” front to back,

20” wide Standard brand china sink.  It does have several chips inside the basin, but it’s a matching blue to the tub!  There was no year cast into the sink, just a month and day.  It will accept many 4” center faucets.  The Standard toilet we got with this set was cracked, so we swapped in a Crane brand sky blue elongated close coupled toilet.  It’s really close to the same shade of blue, and once they’re more than 1’ apart, you cannot tell they didn’t come from the same factory.  The toilet is a 12” rough, 3” outlet “normal” toilet, and it’s only flaw was a chip next to the left side seat bolt hole.  Once a seat is mounted, it will be hidden.  Toilet will come with all new internal parts.  Toilet seat, tub drain, and faucet are sold separately.  Truck freight only!
OS120500 Standard/Crane Blue suite SOLD 


1953 “Crane Oxford” Close Coupled Toilet
The color is Crane’s “Sun Tan” (cute, huh?), and the condition just misses excellent, there is one grain of sand sized chip on the top of the lid and slight deglossing in the bowl.  Toilet will have all internal parts, wax ring and closet bolts, toilet seat not included.

OT09801 Oxford Toilet was 595.00 Now 446.25 reserve

1949 Crane “Drexel” Sun Tan Integral Spout sink
This is a color match to the above toilet.  Unfortunately, this particular one has seen better days.  The sink has many sand grain sized chips all over the sink, and an overzealous cleaning person has scrubbed off the gloss on many areas of the sink.  If it weren’t for the color match with the above toilet, this sink probably would have become a parts donor.....  Sink is 22” wide by 18” front to back.  Faucets will be rebuilt, and supplied with a good set of original handles. (not the ugly Price Pfister ones that are on it)
WHS110804 Crane Drexel sink SOLD


1939 “Standard” Deco-Style Wall Hung Sink
As an experiment, we took a fairly generic 4” centerset sink and had it powdercoated in this striking copper metallic finish. We like it!  The finish is highly reflective and looks very much like aged copper.
Sink measures 20” wide x 18” deep. 4” faucet centers on a 16” x 9” bowl. 5-1/2” backsplash, apron is 4” tall.
WHS0513 Copper Color Deco Sink Was 595.00
Now 357.00 reserve


1929 Copper Powdercoat Pedestal Sink
As an experiment, we had this sink done in a copper metallic finish instead of the usual white. We are quite pleased with the rich and striking color that resulted. The sink is highly reflective and looks very much like burnished copper. Sink top measures 24” wide by 20” deep and stands 31” tall. 12” faucet centers on a 14” x 12” bowl. Center hole is 1” diameter.
PS0504 Copper Color Ped. Sink Was 995.00
Now 597.00   reserve


1930 Crane Corwith China Pedestal sink
India Ivory is the color, it’s a pale yellow-y cream color.  We’ve rebuilt the original faucets, and then decided to refinish the faucets in Oil rubbed Bronze.  Much to our suprise, we like it!  The sink is still nice and glossy, but does show some wear along the front leading edge of the sink, and the pedestal does suffer from a couple small chips on the sides.  They aren’t very noticable....  It’s tough to find integral spout sinks with their hardware anymore, but here’s one in an updated color!  Sink measures 24 1/4” wide by 21 1/4” front to back, and stands 32” tall.  Truck freight only!
PS1441 India Ivory sink 1495.00 reserve


1955 Crane “Beverly” Wall hung China sink
Sky Blue is the color.  While there aren’t any chips in this sink, it does have factory glazed cracks in it.  The sink has been around 57 years, so apparently they aren’t causing problems.  Faucet will be restored in chrome, and the sink measures 20” wide by 17 3/4” front to back.  Cool sink!
WHS120950 Beverly sink 500.00 reserve


Early 1950’s Ming Green Standard “Cadet” Toilet
The tank on this set was cast on Valentine’s day, but they didn’t supply the year.  The style and color of the logo tells us it was made sometime before 1955, but after 1948.  This is a round-front toilet, 12” rough, and it’s only flaw is slight deglossing inside the bowl.  Even the original bolt caps are supplied!  Seat is sold separately, and matching colored ones are available from Bemis.  Nice set!
OT1481 Ming green toilet set  SOLD


Late 1920’s Standard “Towerlyn” Pedestal sink
This sink is spectacular!  The only non-original parts on this sink are the escutcheons.  The original metal ones were gone when we got it, we went through our 1926 “Standard” catalog, found a line drawing of the original escutcheons, and duplicated them as close as we could.  The color is “T’ang Red”, and was only found in high end homes.  We do have a matching toilet.  The sink does have several chips on it, none are bigger than a grain of sand, and all have been sealed with a clear epoxy to help them blend back into the red color.  This sink stands 30” tall, is 24” wide, and extends out from the wall 19 3/4”.  This sink is too large for UPS, it has to go truck freight.  This is only the second Towerlyn sink we’ve had in 37 years of business, grab it quick!
PS13062 Towerlyn sink 4895.00 reserve

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