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 Antique Bath Accessories
Add the perfect accent to finish your vintage bath with these original antique bath accessories.

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soap tainer

Circa 1955 “Soap ‘Tainer” Soap Holders
  So funky they’re cool! These deco-styled wall mounted plastic soap holders have an internal grabber that holds a bar of soap suspended where it remains clean, dry, and out of sight.  Turn the lever on the side and the bar pops out where it can be grabbed, used, and returned to the ‘tainer to dry. New old stock in original boxes with mounting template & hardware.
OBA0503.1 Soap ‘Tainer, Gray, 8 available  49.00   reserve
OBA0503.2 Soap ‘Tainer, White, SOLD OUT
Soap ‘Tainer, Yellow, SOLD OUT
Soap ‘Tainer, Pink, SOLD OUT
OBA0503.5 Soap ‘Tainer, Lime Green, SOLD OUT
Soap ‘Tainer, Blue, 2 available 49.00 reserve
OBA0503.7 Soap ‘Tainer, Black, SOLD OUT

BR12103 closed

“Donner” Concealed Soapdish
These were all the rage back in the late 1950’s through the ‘60’s.  Basically, this unit mounted in the wall and hid your soap from view.  This one originally had a container for toothbrushes as well, but it’s long gone.  The plating is decent, with some scratches and scuffs.  It measures 7 7/8” wide by 8 3/4” tall and will require a recess of 6 1/4” wide by 7 1/2” tall.
BR12103 Soapdish 225.00 reserve

BR12103 open

1910-ish “Nu-Oval” Cast-iron Toilet Paper holder
Unfortunately, the original roller is long gone... the one that comes with it is a replacement that allows the use of modern rolls.   This unit uses a screw through the left side to retain the roller in place.   Made by the “Geo. T. Johnson Co.” in Boston, this will make you period bath complete.
BR09904 Nu Oval holder 225.00  reserve

1906 “Springfield” Cast-Iron Paper holder
Here’s a rare one!  Made by the Morgan Envelope Company, this does NOT accept a modern roll...  The paper for these haven’t been made in many years so this holder really is for the purist.  You’ll have to hand wind them.  The interesting thing, this holder will limit the user to just a couple sheets per wipe.  (Toilet paper used to be rather expensive and extravagant....)
BR09907 “Springfield” paper holder 195.00 reserve


1950’s Hallmack “Coronado” Tumbler Holder
Another rare find!  Hallmack’s model # 645.  Nine available, chrome only.  No date on the box, but lack of Zip Code in the address puts these solidly in the 1950’s.  Unit measures 6” by 6”, 9 available.  Unit may require a recessed wall clamp for new installations, (sold separately)  Original tumblers not available, you’ll have to supply your own....
BR10702 Tumbler Holder 45.00 reserve

BR10703 Clamp, not pictured  10.00 reserve


Crane “Capri” Clamp-on Towel Bars
We found a stash of these up in the Northwest.  Intended to clamp on the sides of Cast iron lavatory sinks, these are still in their original boxes.  The bars themselves are 12 1/2” long, date to late ‘50’s, early 60’s, bright chrome, and will fit on a variety of different makers, not just Crane.  Will work on both pedestal sinks and wall hungs, as long as you have a minimum of 12” parallel sides.  1 remains, will not last long!
BR10700 Towel bars 95.00 reserve


Late ‘40’s / Early ‘50’s Deco Tumbler Holder
New Old-stock, never installed!  Cast Zinc, with a nice coat of chrome plate over the top.  Extends from the wall 3 1/2” and will accept a tumbler with a maximum base dimension of 2 3/4”.  Only one left!
BR13111 Tumbler holder SOLD OUT


1925 “San-o-la” Toilet Paper Holders
Carefully salvaged from the now-demolished St. Francis hotel in Portland Oregon, these are a rare find.    They do all have minor scratches in the original nickel finish, and they extend from the wall 3 3/4” and are 5 1/2” wide.  Some have the original black roller (pictured), others have Oak rollers.  33 available!
BR12101 San-O-La holder 49.00 reserve

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