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1900-ish Marble Vanity legs
These may be L. Wolff, we had a German silver sink awhile back that had legs very similar to these.  They are designed to have either marble or wood skirts inserted on both sides of the leg, the recess will accept material that’s 7/8” thick by 6 5/8” tall.  We’ve replated them in polished nickel, and this was the original finish.  The legs stand 31” tall, and do feature some adjustability.  They offset back 4” from certerline.  The photo does not do them justice.
OSL14111 Nickel leg set  1295.00 reserve


1920’s Ultra-Heavy Nickel plate Brass Deco leg set
These weigh almost 10 pounds each.  Original nickel plate has a nice age patina.  Legs measure 26 3/4” long and will need a “keyhole” shaped hole in the bottom of the sink.  Your choice, original finish or replated in Polished Nickel for an additional $200.   Gorgeous set!
OSL10500 Solid brass leg set  Original finish SOLD


1950’s Crane sink leg set
Chrome plating is original, and still shines up pretty well.  Sink will need a hole in the bottom at least 7/8” in diameter.  For the sidebars to hit the wall, the mounting holes have to no more than 16 1/4” away from wall, and this needs to be measured to the center of the hole.  These legs stand 28” tall at their maximum extension.
OSL14112 Crane sink leg set SOLD


1920’s Cast Iron Wall Bracket Pair
This set of brackets would have been found supporting oversize cast iron wall hung basins or possibly even smaller kitchen sinks.  These brackets are still sporting their original enamel coating, and one does have some damage at the back.  Most likely, this damage will be hidden..  The brackets will extend from the wall 16 1/4” and are 20” tall.  Sold AS-IS.
OSL13063 Wall Brackets SOLD

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