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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

Original Toilets







Original Antique Wood Tanks

Wood tanks are sold partially or completely restored, or in original condition. “Fully Restored” tanks are like new, “Partially Restored” tanks have been made structurally sound but may have dents or blemishes left as-is to preserve the antique character. “Original” tanks have been cleaned and checked for structural integrity. All tanks include either a polyethylene or stainless steel liner. Tanks sold as “complete” include a new flush valve, flush lever, mounting bracket (if applicable), spud reducer (specify size) and a pull chain and  pull knob. (Same parts used on our New Wood High Tanks)

Restored Oak Hightank
This tank comes with the original flush lever and pull.  The lever mounts on the right side, it came that way originally.  The wood is White Oak, and the tank measures 20” wide, 10 3/4” tall, and 10 1/2” front to back.  It has a nice filigree detail on the front, it appears to be original.  Nice tank!


Sewing Machine Lid Hightank
This toilet tank was made from a “repurposed” wooden lid from an antique treadle sewing machine.  The finish has been left “aged” but a new polyethelyne liner has been installed.  This tank measures 17 5/8” wide by 10 1/4” tall and extends from the wall 10”.  The wood used appears to be Walnut.  Nice design, will go great in a victorian setting.
OWT120500 Hightank 895.00 reserve

Restored White Oak Hightank
This tank’s a bit more on the rustic side.  While the finish is nice and glossy, the tank does show many cracks and stains from being waterlogged at some point.  It measures 23 5/8” wide by 11 5/8” front to back, and stands 11” tall.  Yes, this tank is a bit bigger than average. 
OTT120502 SOLD


Restored Ash Lowtank
This tank still sports the original polished brass push button flush on the front of the tank.  Once upon a time, it also had a seat bumper on the face of the tank, but that part is long gone.  I believe the wood is Ash, which is similar in appearance to Oak.  This tank is 21 3/4” wide, 17” tall, and 7 1/2” front to back.  Wood low tanks are getting tough to find, don’t let this one get away!
OWT1412 Ash tank SOLD

OWT110800 detail

1912 L Wolff Oak Low Tank
Fully restored, from the Nixon Mansion in Reno NV.  Side pull lever is replated in Nickel, just like it originally was.  Tank is 22 1/2” wide, 19 1/2” tall, and 7 1/4” deep.  Outlet of tank is 3 5/8” from rear of tank to center of hole.  Nice tank!
OWT110800 Wolff tank SOLD


Original “Eastlake” Hightank and Frame
There’s at least two coats of paint on this baby, but the wood appears to be Oak.  Supplied with the original backing frame (it’s sticking above the tank, visible in pic)and has a new liner, the original lift arm, and will have all new guts.  18 1/2” wide, by 9 1/2” deep and 10 1/2 tall.  Strip and refinish it yourself, and save some money!
OWT120901 Wood tank 425.00 reserve


Partially restored “Eastlake” High Tank
This tank has been stripped and is waiting for your choice of finish.  The wood is Ash, and the tank has been reglued and also sports a new liner.  It measures 18 1/2” wide, 9 1/2” deep, and 10 1/2” tall.  Internal parts are supplied.  This one is perfect for a Victorian bath on a budget
OWT120900 Wood tank 595.00 reserve


Porthole Wood hightank
This tank was modified with a porthole sometime probably 30 years ago.  When we acquired it, the liner was leaking around the porthole.  We couldn’t get it to seal properly, so we installed a regular liner in the tank.  So, no more watching the water drop....
The tank measures 19 3/4” wide, by 10 3/4” tall, and extends from the wall 10 1/2”.  Tank probably dates to the early 1900’s, the porthole, 1980’s..  Wood appears to be Ash.
OWT1413  Ash tank 795.00 reserve

Antique Toilet Pulls
The perfect compliment for your restored antique high tank or a charming accent piece for your reproduction high tank toilet.


3 3/8” wood pull, original black paint
55.00  reserve

Hard to Find Cover Casings for Low Tank Flush Tubes


Offset Cover Casing
4-3/4” tall. 4” top dia.,
3” bottom dia.  Fits 2” offset flush tube.
OTCC0506 145.00


Funnel-Type cover casing for straight flush tube. 5” tall, 3-7/8” OD across the top, 2-7/8” across bottom.
OTCC0505 125.00 ea.
(3 available)


6” tall, 4-1/2” across bottom end, 6-1/4” at top end. For straight flush tube.


Offset Cover Case
7 1/8” tall, set up for 1 1/2” offset tubes, internal ear broken so silicone will have to be used to retain.
OTCC12101 105.00


Deco offset Cover
7 1/8” tall, set up for 1 1/2” offset tubes, tight crack across face, sold AS-IS
OTCC12102 55.00


Offset Cover Case
7” tall, set up for 1 1/2” offset, still has spring clip to hold it, 1 chip bottom left corner.
OTCC12103 125.00


Deco Cover Case
7 1/8” tall, set up for 1 1/2” offset.  Excellent condition, no chips.

Original Toilets







All Bathroom Machineries Original Antique toilet bowls, sinks, and fixtures are carefully cleaned, sanitized, water tested, & inspected for the tiniest defects. 
We are not a salvage yard, we are architectural antique restoration specialists
committed to providing  like-new and professionally restored fixtures.


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