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Antique Keys

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Rare keys for the discriminating collector

We’ve been sorting keys for many years now, and being the persnickety types we are, we started noticing certain types of keys that are different from the norm.  After Googling them, we discovered that some of these keys originated in the late 18th century (!).  Cool!  We then decided to separate them out, and once we accumulated enough of them, we put them up on our site for the key collector in all of us.....
Please Note; these keys are sold by the each only.  We simply do not have enough to sell them in any larger quantity!

bramah 2

Key4B “Bramah” Key
Bramah Keys and locks were invented by Joseph Bramah in 1784.  The company is still in business making high security low-volume locks in Britian.  We believe our keys range from the mid 19th century to the early 20 century.  Advertised as the first “unpickable” lock, it was finally defeated after 70 years, and took the person who picked it 16 days!  This website has more information on the history behind Joseph Bramah, a Victorian era mechanical genius.
Own a piece of locksmithing history
Key4B Bramah Key   9.00

“Chubb” Security Key
We’re not sure when these keys were made, they are stamped “Chubb” on one side and various numbers on the opposite side.  Chubb has been around since 1818 , we suspect these keys date to the beginning of the 20th Century.  Roughly 4” long,


steel, fairly rusty.  This website has some great information on the Chubb lock system.
Perfect for trying to open your neighbor’s high security safe!
KeyChubb Interesting “Chubb” key   5.00


Cotterill’s Climax Safe Key
One of the first “detector” locks, these keys date to the mid to late 19th century.  Detector locks were invented to let the owner of a safe know if someone had tampered with the lock, or had tried to use a copied key in the safe.  Often, the lock would capture the fake key, and the safe would have to be completely reworked to once again function.  Most of these keys are stamped “Cotterill, Birmingham” or sometimes “Patent Acme”.  All of these keys have moderate to heavy rust.

But, being they’re somewhere between 150 to 200 years old, they’re entitled!  We tried to find a website telling more history about this company, and have yet to come up with one.
KeyClimax Cotterill Safe key  15.00

 Small Fancy Bow Barrel Key
These dainty steel unplated keys range in size from 3/4” to 1 1/2” long.  Light rust on some, they were most likely used in jewelry boxes, and other small, mostly decorative locks.  Great for craft projects, especially where a decorative bow is needed.  Most date to the late 19th century.
Key15C Fancy bow key  5.00 Temp. out


Victorian Era Barrel Stem Flat Bow Key
Used mostly in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, these keys are a bit nicer than our regular Key 4’s.  We’ve accumulated a decent supply of them and have decided to sell them as a sub-catagory of our Key4.  Get ‘em while they’re here!
Key4C Victorian flat bow   2.50

Solid Brass 1900-ish Barrel Stem Key
Same style as our Key-4, but solid unplated brass, rather than steel or iron.  Sizes range from 1” to 2”.  All are unpolished, with the age tarnish that only 100 years can supply.  Very limited supply.  Makes a lovely charm for your favorite somebody!
Key4SB Brass Barrel key  4.50

key4 long

Victorian Era Extra-Long Barrel Stem Flat Bow Key
Extra-long version of the Key4C, these keys range in length from 3” to 4”.  All have light to moderate rust, the best ones will go first.
Key4L long barrel stem key.  2.50

Ash and Rogers or Ashtree Works Cupboard key
Barrel stem, keys measure between 2” and 2 1/2” long, and are chrome plated zinc.  Ash and Rogers was a British firm that made wardrobe and cupboard locks.  These locks were supplied to many furniture makers from 1921 up into the 1950’s.  Some (but not all) of the locks have the trade name “ASRO” stamped into the body of the lock.  Sold by the each
Keyashtree Ashtree Works key Temp. out


Abbess Furniture Lock Key
Abbess was a manufacturer of locks specifically designed for Desks.  These keys were made in Britian, and probably date to the 1950’s.  They measure between 2” and 2 1/2” long and are Chrome plated Zinc.  Pin stem (not hollow).  Sold by the each.
Keyabbess Abbess lock key 2.00

Corgi “Rockets” Golden Tune-up Key
These miniature keys were supplied with toy cars made by Corgi from 1969 to 1971.  This line of toys was made to compete with Mattel’s Hot Wheels, but didn’t take off and production was stopped after 1971.  The key was used to detach the underframe from the car and replace the wheels or axles.  Every car came with a key, so if you have one of these cars without the key, it’s not complete!  Sold by the each.
Keycorgi Golden Tune-up key 5.00


Antique Keys

Antique Keys Page 1

Antique Keys Page 2

Antique Keys Page 3

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