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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

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Wrought Steel Ore Carts

Reproduction Ore Carts
make outstanding yard ornaments and store displays. Plain steel carts are new but have been allowed to rust for an authentic look.

All feature real turning wheels and one section of decorative track. Height is measured with cart sitting on track.  4 sizes to choose from:

Jumbo Cart measures 37” long x 42” tall x 24” wide on  a 60” long section of real track.
 JOC  1495.00   
Large Ore Cart (not pictured) measures 33” long x 27” tall by 18” wide.  Includes 42” section of strap rail track
LOC 699.00
Medium Cart measures 26 1/2” long x 24” tall x 15” wide and includes a 42” section of strap rail track
MOC 599.00
Small Cart measures 20” long x 19” tall x 10-1/2” wide and includes a 24” section of strap rail track.
SOC  450.00  

All measurements approximate, will vary either way by up to 1”.  Height is measured with cart sitting on track, length is maximum.

Mine Rail Spikes
These tiny little spikes are tough to come by these days.  They measure 2 1/2” long, and appear to not have been used, at least we cannot find hammer marks on them.  Yes, that’s a penny in the picture (sold separately)
SPIKE Mine rail spike 4.00 each


Ore Cart Wheel
Cast from an original!  These Cast Iron wheels measure 4 1/4” on the flat of the wheel, the flange has an outside diameter of 5 1/4”, and the wheels are 1 5/8” thick.  Axle diameter is 3/4”.  Our local foundry did a run of these for us, they did do some rough smoothing, but they might need some more smoothing out if you’re planning on using them for decorative purposes.  Sold individually.  Nice Wheels!
WHEEL 30.00

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