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Oddball Obsolete Faucet Parts

“Republic” Tub and Shower Stem
Here’s a hard one to find!  Measures slightly over 5” overall, with the distinctive 8 point spline count.  Fits many Republic in-wall valves made before the Briggs buyout.  Republic was one of the smaller plumbing companies working before the Depression, and we’ve not seen anything made by Republic after 1931 or so.
86-901 Republic Stem  43.00 reserve

republic stem

Original “Republic” Porcelain Tub/Swr Escutcheons
These are stamped  “Republic, Cleveland O” inside them.  They date to the 1920’s and they measure 3 3/16” O.D., 3/4” I.D., and stand 1 3/4” tall.  Replace your cracked/broken one today!  Sold by the each.
OF0751 Republic Escutcheon 25.00 reserve

“Sphinx” Tub Stem
Sphinx valves were used in the 20’s, and are easily identified by the oddly shaped ceramic cover that mounts over the valve body. These were a distinctive application that only Sphinx used.  Also, the handles have a floating nut on the spud that actually threads onto the stem.  Finally, we’ve found a manufacturer here in the U.S. that is reproducing both the stem and the diverter (Not pictured)
86-221 Sphinx Hot stem 29.00 reserve
86-222 Sphinx Cold stem 29.00 reserve
86-240 Sphinx Diverter 45.00  reserve

sphinx cover

Sphinx ceramic cover, some originals may be available for purchase, call for details!

sphinx stem

86-222 Cold side pictured

“American Kitchen” Faucet Stems
Also known as “Youngstown Kitchen” or “Crosley” kitchen faucet, these are known by the stems entering the sides of the boxy-shaped chrome faucet.  These faucets came on either a 5’ or 6’ steel cabinet and countertop all set up, ready to go.   All one had to do was slap the cabinet in, and hook the water up. Stem measures 2 1/8” overall and is 3/4” wide.  Other styles and lengths available in American Kitchen stems on a special order basis.  Supplied less pictured white packing gland.
86-021 Hot stem  14.25 reserve
86-022 Cold stem  14.25  reserve

american kitchen stem

86-022 cold side pictured


“Speakman” Tub Shower stem
This stem was used back in the 1930’s and into the 1940’s.  Found in many in-wall tub and/or shower applications.  Stem measures 4” long, shaft is 1/2” wide and has a square broach.  This would have been found with a ceramic cross handle and a fairly shallow ceramic escutcheon behind it. Same stem for both hot and cold.   You’re not going to find this one at the big box stores!
86-401HC 47.00 reserve

“Speakman” Tub Filler Inner stem
This Speakman stem was commonly used in the 1920’s on exposed tub fillers that were attached to the standing waste.  These are found with a bell-shaped Bonnet nut over the top of them.  5 7/8” long, 7/16 diameter shaft, 11/32” square end.  These stems can also be ordered with a 20 count spline end as a special order.  Same stem is used in both hot and cold applications.  This is one tough-to-find stem!
86-541HC Speakman stem 35.00  reserve


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