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Obsolete Standard Faucet Stems

Standard Tub Shower rebuild kits

Standard Stems

Standard Handles and Escutcheons

Retrim Standard Shelf-Back Faucets

Lavatory Stems

86-061H new

“Standard” Shelf-Back Lavatory Stem
This stem was used in some 8” center shelf back faucets Standard made from the late 1930’s up to the early 1960’s.  3 5/8” long, 7/16” shank, and  22 spline.  The  80-0100 handles (available here) will bolt right on.  Both hot and cold versions exist, cross handles normally take two hots, lever handles take one hot and one cold.  If your sink looks like the one on the right, (it could be either an integral spout or metal spout), and does not have a canopy handle, this may be your stem! (Another does exist, the threads on it’s bonnet are longer, measuring 1/2”, see the below stem).  This pictured one’s bonnet thread length is 5/16”.
86-061H Standard Hot stem 29.00 addtocartmini
86-062C Standard Cold stem 29.00


Do you have a Standard sink like the one above and you want to make it look like new again?  Click here!


The Other “Standard” Shelf Back Lavatory Stem
Okay, we give!  This stem is the other stem used in many Standard-Brand sinks just like the one pictured above.  The only difference between this one and the 86-061 pictured above?  The bonnet nuts are different lengths.  You’ll have to pull out your existing stem and check the lengths.  This one’s male bonnet thread length is 1/2”.  The really strange thing, we can set two identical looking sinks side by side, one will have this one, the next, the smaller one.  Go figure....
Slightly longer than the 86-061, this one’s 3 3/4”, same stem diameter of 7/16”
86-081H Standard Hot stem 29.00 addtocartmini
86-082C Standard Cold stem  29.00 addtocartmini

86-082C new

Standard “Nu-Seal” Shelf-Back Lavatory stem
Sometime in the very late 1950’s, Standard came out with a new design of valve, and they referred to it as a “Nu-Seal”.  These were commonly found in Shelf back bathroom sinks, as well as other lavatory and kitchen applications.  This style of faucet stem required the use of a “canopy” handle (See sink photo at right)and there were different handle options.  These stems are held in with a thin bonnet nut that slides down on the smooth portion of the stem.  1 13/16” long, these stems were predominant in the very late 1950s and through the 1960’s.  The 6 point canopy handles will take two hot stems, lever handle versions will take one each of hot and cold.  Handles and trim pieces available on our “handles” page.  Sold by the each
86-3021 Standard Nu-seal hot stem 10.00  addtocartmini
86-3022 Standard Nu-seal cold stem 10.00 addtocartmini
86-990 Seat for Nu-Seal valve body 4.00  addtocartmini

nuseal shelf

Standard Nu-Seal Lock nut
So, you went to change the stems on your Nu-Seal faucet, and boy, were they tight.  So, you grabbed the wrench a little tighter, gave it a good twist, and the nut went crunch.  It came off, but it ain’t going back on, right?  Here’s the replacement!  Standard only used one nut in this application, it’s 9/16” tall, the ID is 3/4”, and the nut measures 7/8” across the flat sides.  Sold by the each.
86-3020 Standard Nu-seal Locknut 5.00 addtocartmini


Standard Deck-Mount Widespread Lavy Stem
This stem is commonly found in widespread lavatory applications from the late 1930’s up through the mid 1950’s.  Re-Nu barrel style.  If your Standard faucet has metal handles and escutcheons that are very Art Deco, this is probably your stem.  5” long, 7/16” stem shank, 22 spline.  Be sure to verify stem shank dimension, there is a 3/8” diameter version.
86-6041 Standard hot stem 36.00 addtocartmini
86-6042 Standard cold stem 36.00 addtocartmini

Standard 4” centerset Re-Nu stem only
This stem is commonly found in Standard’s Deco-ish 4” deck mount centerset lavatory faucets.  Two handle styles are common, either lever or cross.  This stem was used from the late 1930’s to the late 1950’s.  Stem length is 2 3/8”, shank diameter is 7/16”, 22 point spline.  Re-Nu barrel sold separately, see below.
86-1021 Hot stem (barrel # 86-7021) 11.00 addtocartmini
86-1022 Cold stem (barrel # 86-7022) 11.00 addtocartmini

am std barrel new

Note; this barrel does NOT replace the barrel on the below 86-601 stem.

“American Standard” Barrel only
These barrels are used in many “Standard” faucets made from the ‘30’s up to the ‘60’s.  The actual stem lengths vary, but the barrel length and diameter remains the same.  These measure 1 1/2” long and 7/8” diameter.  These have been redesigned with an o-ring seal to help seal up the barrel to the valve body. This part has the seat of the faucet built into the bottom of it, and the entire barrel must be replaced when the faucet starts to drip.  “Standard” faucets that have metal cross handles take the 7021 barrel, while the lever handles take one each of the 7022 and 7021 barrels.  US made
86-7022 “Standard” Barrel, cold, for lever handles  9.00  addtocartmini
86-7021 “Standard” barrel, hot/cold for cross handles 9.00
86-7023 “Standard” Bibb washer and screw, sold by each, fits above Small and more common Re-Nu barrels 1.00 addtocartmini

Spout Seal for Standard Integral Spout Shelfback Sinks
This is the rubber seal that goes between the porcelain sink and the brass valve body on 1930’s through 1950’s Standard sinks with porcelain spouts.  If your sink is leaking from the back of the sink only when the faucets are on, this is most likely the part you need.  7/8” OD, 1” long
15-CSEAL Rubber compression seal 8.00 addtocartmini


Barrel stuck in your Standard faucet?  Click on the link below to check out our Youtube video on how to remove a stuck barrel


Tub / Shower Stems

86-601 new

Yes, this looks very similar to the Standard stem below.  It’s actually about 25% larger in both width and length than the below stem.


“Standard” Version I Tub Shower stem
This stem was the first “Re-Nu” style barrel stem made by “Standard”.  Used in the 1920’s and early 1930’s in standing waste and in-wall valve applications, this stem measures 6” long overall, and the widest point of the stem is 1 1/2” wide.  The barrel itself measures 1” in diameter.  The trim for this stem will always have porcelain escutcheons and handles.  These reproductions are American made, and use a o-ring at the bottom to help seal the barrel to the valve body.  (the originals do not have this option as they were used before the invention of o-rings.)
86-601 “Standard” stem 65.00
86-051 Barrel only         20.00 addtocartmini

“Standard” Conversion escutcheon Nipple
This escutcheon nipple allows anyone with the above 86-601 early Standard stem and broken ceramic trim to convert over to the 80-6003 Chrome escutcheons and 80-0100 handles. This is perfect for those wanting to make their 1920’s Standard shower look more Art Deco.  Sold by the each
86-7810 Conversion nipple 15.00 addtocartmini


“Standard” Version II Tub Shower Stem
This is the second version of the “Re-Nu” style barrel made by Standard.  It came out sometime in the late 1930’s and was in use up to the early 1950’s.  Normally, this stem would have had metal handles and escutcheons.  Overall length is 5 5/8”, stem shank diameter is 7/16”, and the barrel diameter is 7/8”.  This reproduction is made in the US, and features an o-ring built onto the barrel to assist in sealing the stem into the valve body.  Cross handles normally use two hot stems, levers would use 1 hot and 1 cold.  Handles and escutcheons available here
86-8001 Standard Hot stem 36.00 addtocartmini
86-8002 Standard Cold stem 36.00 addtocartmini


“Standard” Version II Diverter
This diverter stem is used in many of the later Version two installations where the middle handle wasn’t controlling the drain.  5 5/8” long, rounded edge on bonnet nut rather than square.  Replace this only if your valve isn’t diverting water to the showerhead properly, and it is highly recommended that the seat (not pictured) be changed as well.  If your valve is dripping from the spout when off, check/change the hot/cold stems.
86-701D Standard diverter 54.00 addtocartmini
86-9090 Diverter seat 5.00 addtocartmini

“Standard” Version III Tub Shower stem
Sometime in the 1950’s, Standard redesigned the bonnet nut assembly for their tub-shower valves.  Valves using this stem still would have had metal cross handles and “deco-ish” trim.  Be sure to compare your stem against this one and the one directly above.  Overall length is 5 5/8” long, stem shank diameter is 7/16”, and barrel diameter is 7/8”.  Cross handles usually use two hot stems, levers use one each of hot and cold.  Handles and escutcheons available here
86-18011 Hot stem 33.00 addtocartmini
86-18012 Cold stem 33.00 addtocartmini


“Standard Nu Seal” Tub Shower stem
Okay, sometime in the late 1950’s, Standard decided to use only one stem design in most all of their fixtures.  They called it the “Nu-Seal”, and it is used in tub-shower applications, as well as Lavatory and Kitchen.  This style was common all the way up until the early 1970’s.  Yes, the same cartridge is used in all those applications.  There is an early version that used a bibb washer rather than the “top hat” seal pictured at left, but this one will replace both styles.  If both handles turn the same direction when opening, you will need two “hot” cartridges, if they open in opposite directions, you will need one each of hot and cold.
86-3021 Standard Nu-seal hot stem 10.00  addtocartmini
86-3022 Standard Nu-seal cold stem 10.00 addtocartmini


“Standard Nu-Seal” Tub Shower Diverter
This is the diverter for “Standard” Nu-Seal Tub Shower applications.  4 1/2” long, 22 spline.  Seat sold separately, see below.
86-0602 Standard Nu-Seal Diverter 45.00 addtocartmini
86-648220 Standard Diverter Seat 4.00 addtocartmini

Standard Tub Shower rebuild kits

Standard Stems

Standard Handles and Escutcheons

Retrim Standard Shelf-Back Faucets

The Name “Standard” is trademarked by American Standard brands.  We use the name “Standard” as to identify the item only, and should not be construed as a warranty or representation, either expressed or implied, that items offered or sold are genuine products of said original manufacturer.


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