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Harden Faucet Stems and Trim

Here at Bathroom Machineries, we were a Harden dealer for many years.  And, as anyone who has been in the supply business knows, one tends to wind up with leftover parts as trims get changed or modified.  We had accumulated quite a supply of Harden handles and trim pieces when we received a letter from Harden saying they were closing their doors forever.  We actually received this letter after the closing date had passed!

Okay, now what do we do?  Fortunately, aftermarket stem manufacturers have picked up some of the stems, and we do have a limited supply of parts and pieces.  If you not see the piece that you are after, send us an e-mail.  We just might have it....

One quick note, though...  Harden sold all of their products with a lifetime warranty.  This warranty died with Harden.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to honor their warranty as we are not the manufacturer, nor are we associated in any way with Harden the company....

Update!  After putting this page up on the web, our stock of Harden bits quickly disappeared.  The good news?  We’ve discovered another manufacturer (that’s still in business) who’s handles will fit onto Harden stems.  These parts may not look quite like the Harden original versions, but they will fit!

Metal Lever Handles
These are similar to what Harden used, with the exception of the mount.  These stems use a screw down through the top, and the Harden originals used set screws on the side.  Most Harden stems are threaded for a top mount screw, however.  Check your application.  Sold in Pairs, Chrome, Coated Brass, or Polished nickel
79-P0202C Chrome Levers  44.00
79-P0202L Coated Brass levers 44.00
79-P0202N Nickel levers 44.00


Stems for Harden Faucets
There are quite a few different stems around for Harden.  Some are being reproduced.  We’ll be happy to order stems for you, but we’ll need a picture of the existing stem, overall length, width, and use of stem. (hot, cold, kitchen, lavatory, shower, ect...)  Once we have this information, we’ll let you know if it’s available, and the cost of the stem.  Please note, these stems are “special orders”, and are not returnable.


Harden Ceramic Cartridge for Tub/shower
We ordered enough of this particular stem for various customers that we’ve decided to stock it.

Fits many different Harden applications, 4 5/8” overall, and can be cut down.  Bottom protrusion that has 2 o-rings on it has a diameter of 1/2”.  Hot and cold turn opposite of each other.  Longer ones are available on a special order basis
86-8011 Harden “hot” ceramic cartridge 63.95
86-8012 Harden “cold” ceramic cartridge 63.95

Metal Cross handles for Widespread Faucet
Sold in pairs, Available in chrome, Coated Brass, and Polished nickel.  Similar to Harden’s version, but uses a screw through the top rather than set screws on side.  You may have to drill and tap your stems to use these handles.
79-P0219C Chrome handles 68.00
79-P0219L Coated Brass 68.00
79-P0219N Nickel Handles 68.00


Porcelain Cross Handles
Very similar to Harden, and available in Chrome or Coated Brass.  Sold in pairs.  Handles are 3 1/4” across. 
79-P207C Chrome Porc. X handle 36.00
79-P207L Brass Porc. X handles 36.00

While our stock of original Harden handles and escutcheons is pretty much depleted, we do have a few trim plates for tub valves and a few other bits and pieces.  If you’re looking for a specific piece, send us an e-mail, we just might have it....

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