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Crane Tub Shower Rebuild kits and Repair Parts

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Crane Three handle Rebuild kits


Circa 1973 Crane “Riviera” Tub shower rebuild kit
This is everything you’ll need to rebuild a Crane Riviera tub shower valve from the 1970’s.  One thing, there are two versions of this kit, and you’ll need to remove a stem to determine which you’ll need.  The stems in this kit are 4 5/8” long.  Supplied with handles, escutcheons, sleeves, stems, seats, and other asst parts.  Tub spout sold separately.
80-9904 Crane Riviera rebuild kit 183.00 addtocartmini

The “Other” Crane “Riviera” Tub Shower rebuild kit
Also circa 1973, the stems and diverter are longer in this kit.  This one’s the more common of the two, the stems in this one are 4 3/4” long and the diverter is 5 3/8” long.  Supplied with all you see, does not include the tub spout. 
80-5614 Crane Riviera rebuild kit 270.00 addtocartmini


Single Control Rebuild parts

Crane made several different versions of their single control mixing valves, and there is limited availability of parts for some of them.  Pictured below is the “Concorde” model Crane valve.  This particular valve assembly did NOT use ceramic handles or escutcheons.  It was produced from the mid 1930’s through the 1950’s, and it did span both Pre- and Post World War 2.  Sometime during the late 1950’s or early 1960’s, this valve was discontinued and replaced by the Crane Dialette single control valve.   The Concorde was made in both exposed and in-wall versions and could be found in both 3/4” and 1/2” pipe.  Warning; Crane made other single control valves, yours must match the below pictured internal parts for our parts to work. Handles, packing nuts, and escutcheons are no longer made, but we can often replate the existing parts.
E-mail or call for details.

Crane Concorde1

#1.  Crane Concorde Lever handle.  Not Available, but existing levers can often be replated
#2.  Crane Concorde Stem.  Chrome only.  #65-F4406 102.00
#3.  Packing spring, 13/16” OD by 1 11/16” tall #65-F5057  6.99
#4.  Graphite packing gland, 7/8” OD by 1/2” ID #65-A148  6.83
#5.  Sealing washer, upper body and lower body.  2 3/8” OD, 2 1/8” ID  #65-F1391 .99
#6.  Seat washer, just over 3/4” OD  #65-A323  1.50
#7.  Hot side Seat and Screw #65-FB1757  Discontinued by manufacturer, NLA
#8.  Cold side Seat and Screw  #65-FB1760  20.99

Crane Tub Shower Rebuild kits and Repair parts

Faucet Parts

Drain Parts

I.D. Crane Faucets

Crane Tub Shower Valves

About Crane Fixtures

Crane Stems & Valve Bodies

Crane Repair Tools & Tips


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